Customer CareWith increasing business competition, multinational companies have now turned their focus to customer care. After all it takes quite an effort and a big chunk of the marketing budget in increasing your customer base, hence it wouldn’t be a bad idea learning how to retain them. Extensive research over a period of time has shown that repeat customers change their purchasing intent based on the level of satisfaction with a company’s customer service. Also, with the addition of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th options as well as better pricing from competitors have made matters worse for some companies.

The idea of having a customer care department is to keep a check on your company’s overall customer service. It is for those customers you don’t want to risk losing, especially considering bad news spreads like wildfire, you don’t negative publicity for your business. At All-Resource, we have a professional customer care team that is ready to handle these escalated customers 24/7. We make sure their issues are noted, reported, and resolved quickly. From our experience, a company that has a good customer service team has always seen low attrition.

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