With the growth and development of internet, the scope of online marketing has profoundly increased over the past decade. Online marketing is related to businesses over the internet. Many business models such as, e-commerce; lead generation and affiliate marketing have been built on this concept. The number of internet users worldwide has reached 3 billion by now. So internet marketing is an effective way to communicate with the potential customers.
Internet marketing aims to serve in the modern times, as it communicates everything about the company to its target audience. It covers information about all the areas of a business and aims to conduct research about potential and existing customers to sell products and services over the internet.

Online Marketing uses many different methods and techniques such as search engine optimization, lead generation or reputation management. These techniques help spreading awareness of your brand and attract more customers to your business. Internet marketing focuses on the specific needs and interests of your target audience. It is associated with geo-targeting, where you are able to locate the precise location of your prospective buyer and provide them with products and services according to a specific geographic location.

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