With almost 3 billion users worldwide, the internet is undoubtedly the largest marketing platform for businesses and individuals. Websites are quicker, easier, and more cost-effective to make. Creating a website is the first step to getting a formal online presence on the internet. For businesses having a website means being able to formally present their services or products online to their prospective customers 24/7, 365 days.

Being able to share latest company information, listing products and services, pictures and videos, testimonials, company location are just some of the ways to market yourself online on your website. Our website development solution will help you publicize, whether it is your business, yourself or your cause. At All-Resource, we have the required skills and expertise to develop websites that give your business a professional outlook, furthermore structured in accordance to your organizational goals and objectives. We ensure that you get simply the best value for your money.

Our portfolio comprises of multiple cutting edge websites which include:

  • Static Brochure Websites
  • Blogs
  • Classified Ad Portals
  • Learning Management Systems for education and training
  • Content Management Systems
  • Social Networks
  • News Blogs
  • Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing Portals
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Corporate Websites
  • Discussion Forums
  • Search Engines

We elicit your business needs and requirements to the best of our ability and use a combination of most appropriate open source & proprietary software packages, technologies, and languages as described in the next few tabs.

We strive to augment your technology experience towards achieving your organizational goals and objectives. For more information, please feel free to contact us.




WordPress is an award winning content management system which emerged as a blogging tool and later transformed into a complete content management system. It is open source and provide extremely customizable plugin and theme architecture.

We provide professional web development services in WordPress along with plugin and alluring theme development. The extensibility of WordPress allows to development any sort of website including corporate websites, shopping carts, brochure websites and many more.



joomla-logoWe are experts in Joomla. Joomla is an easy to use, open source content management platform which integrates seamlessly with 3rd party components for versatile functionalities required on World Wide Web. All of it makes it budget and time effective content management system in the world.

Journey of our company began from Joomla development. Many Websites in our portfolio have been built with Joomla with the integration of various CSS 3.0 and HTML 5.0 templates which renders them a professional look. Power of Joomla allows us to develop 3rd Party components which enables us to provide any functionality according to your business needs.

With the customization and integration features, it is most economical yet fully professional solution for quick development. Reason why corporate organizations choose Joomla is due to line professionals and security teams from all around the world making it most secure and reliable yet cost effective solution through regular updates and fixes.


Moodle – Learning Management System:

moodle-logoMoodle is also an open source, widely deployed and highly customizable solution for e-learning purposes. It makes it convenient to implement e/distant-Learning; for automated measuring and reporting/tracking on training offerings/delivery and to manage instructed led training logistics. Few of the cardinal uses of Moodle are:

  • E/Distant-Learning Launching and Tracking
  • Facilitating learning via forums, wikis and chat rooms
  • Supporting, enabling online classroom courses materials (audio, video, documents)
  • Providing integration with modules for customized needs in any learning environment.

MySQL Logo

PHP MySQL Development:

At All-Resource, we have a collection of highly skilled dynamic PHP MySQL Professional Developers. PHP MySQL web development is one of the services that we provide in the field of custom web development. We have been delivering tailored PHP applications for customers worldwide. PHP application development is one of our core expertise. It enables our expert web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.



Drupal is a free CMS framework coded in PHP; is deployed on at least 2.1% of whole World Wide Web (www). Due to its robust and secure design and architecture, it can power almost all kinds of websites including government sites such as whitehouse.gov and data.gov.uk.

Like almost all other CMS, its provides basic engine for major functionalities over which, our team has accomplished extensive experience and expertise of developing and implementing unlimited possibilities of functionalities and features for various purposes in the form of Drupal modules and themes.

Microsoft ASP.NET

Microsoft ASP.NET Web Development:

We has rich experience in developing ASP.NET large-scale web applications and high-performance ASP.NET web sites. We provide a range of services on ASP.Net with the support of our deep web application development expertise and years of ASP.NET development experience. Here are the services that we provide.

  • ASP.NET Web application development services.
  • ASP.NET Programming
  • Web Services development
  • ASP.NET support and Maintenance Service
  • Integrating ASP.NET and JAVA

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